In 2013, Gildas Brugaro began to only mix his own tracks under the name SRVTR (servator) to keep on the observatör work. His palette goes to ambient/noise & industrial downbeat to a dark techno.
Many aka or collaborations (the messenger, bunker palace, dark engineer…)

Patrick Masson aka HeAD

Founder of God Hates God Records, Patrick Masson (Belgium) is also HeAD / Bunker Palace / BBS / Sylphides…

BUNKER PALACE (Patrick Masson/Be + Gidas Brugaro/Fr) : a sound UFO created following an improbable virtual encounter both raw and refined, minimal and industrial, noise or melodic.
A 2nd LP “Hotel” has just been released in the vein of the 1st on GHGR. Indeed, 8 Traxx had already created the buzz in the noise scene as well as the accompanying remix album (ERT / SRVTR / Philippe NEAU / HELL IS CARBON / ZUMAIA / Maurice POZOR / M.NOMIZED / SYLPHIDES).