Lavatone is an ambient noise project founded in 1994 by Drew Holder in Amarillo Texas using a 4-track cassette recorder, microphone and effects processor to create other worldly atmospheres.
Drew still uses analog recording techniques along with elements of drones, percussion, found sounds and field recordings to create Lavatone’s unique soundscapes.
Lavatone has self-released several albums all focusing on ambient, dark ambient, noise and psychedelic textures.ient, dark ambient, noise and psychedelic textures.


ZUMAIA is a french solo project, a mix of dark ambient, experimental and electro-industrial music inspired by declining western industrial society, Asian spirituality and animist rituals. 
After leaving his first band in 1988 ( new wave / gothic ) he joined an industrial rock band in the early 90’s and disappeared for over 20 years. 
The first tracks composed by ZUMAIA were recorded in 1989.
InitiallyKalamine was a side project of Zumaia, but it did not turn out quite as expected and became Kalamine Records in February 2019.

Athene Noctu4

Athene Noctu4 is the current project of the Spanish sound artist José María Pérez-Flor Mejías, born in Cádiz in 1964 and now residing between Córdoba and Seville.
In previous projects since the mid-90s such as Tension Co., Feday, Cine-Oído or Centro Electromecánico, etc. In addition to being the creator and director of the international festival of sound art and multimedia “Intr: Muros Arte Sonoro” (Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville), the festival of live soundtracks “La Mirada Sonora” (Seville), and the Intr Laboratory: Muros (Seville).
“Technically, my music is based on the manipulation of acoustic instruments and sound objects from the natural environment using electronic devices and on feld recordings to a greater or lesser extent processed. Just as conceptually, the music of Athene Noctu4 is based on the relationship between philosophy, metaphysics and sound, I like to transfer thoughts and refections belonging to the world of the pure mind to the sound plane, in the pre-Socratic sense of the term mind as Noûs, a term that in Ancient Greece it was inextricably associated with the soul or spirituality of the individual. “
Athene Noctu4 to date has released three albums, “In search of the Bronze Forest” in 2019, “Soñando el Tiempo” in 2020, both released on his own Intronauta Music label and “Desierto / Deseo” released by the French netlabel Kalamine Records in 2021.
As Athene Noctu4, he has carried out sound performances in various venues in Spanish cities, as well as at festivals, the last one being held at the Sonikas International Sound Art Festival (Madrid) in December 2020.


Since I was a child, as far back as I can remember, I have been attracted by all types of sounds.
Not necessarily produced by musical instruments.
MUWN was born of a deep desire, a vital need to use all differents sounds as a material to model, sculpt and combine, harmonizing them to tell stories, to question, to create paintings, travel and explore.


Lezet is a one-man experimental project from Serbia drawing upon many different forms and styles of popular and other music.

His music tries to stretch into as many different directions as possible, whether or not Igor likes them personally.
He particularly fancies using electric and acoustic instruments the “wrong” and the “right” way and experimenting with voices.

Igor also creates music as one half of experimental music duo KOI KARP and as a member of an experimental lo-fi acoustic psych noise folk collective FiXtion. 

My Own Cubic Stone

My Own Cubic Stone – the name refers to Sisyphus – is a single man project created in 2009 during a sad night somewhere on a Burgundy hill (France).

Ivy Told a Secret

Ivy Told a Secret is the current musical project of Lantz Stephenson [aka Ivy] a multi-instrumentalist who had his beginnings in the Punk Rock scene of Kansas City, Missouri in the late 1970s. After playing keyboards, guitar, and percussion/drums in bands such as Ministry of Broadcast (warming up for Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart), String of Coincidence, and The Slabs until the mid-1980s, he continued his musical journey in the 21st century with his space jazz project Eclabousser formed in 2005.
Starting in 2014 he formed the shamanic tribal project known as Ivy Told a Secret. To date Ivy has released hundreds of songs on SoundCloud and over six albums available on 30 plus markets worldwide. Influences for Ivy Told a secret include such diverse music as Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Gong, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman, Blurt, Clock DVA and Robert Fripp.


MELKOR is a Dark Ambient project and a Composer – Sound designer from Tehran,Iran. Project “Melkor” founded in 2013 as an Atmospheric, Drone, Cinematic and partly Dark psychedelic project but through the early years of existence concentrated on Drone, Atmospheric and specially, Dark Ambient.The core purpose of the Melkor project is to departure into profundity of dark and black layers of creation, quiddity and the existence which is described and depicted in Atomistic phases.
Concept of Melkor project is in Dark atmospheres and abysses of vast Blackness and it’s also to scrutiny the core of existence despite of confronting internal awe.
Purpose of Melkor is to demonstrate and declare existential deepest layers and the philosophy of existence in the language of Music; besides of experimental journey to Dark spaces, Blackness and what would come beyond.

Jean Louis Costes

Jean-Louis Costes is a French noise musician, performance artist and film actor.
Costes is considered as one of the first punk-DIY French artists, self-releasing dozens of tapes and CDs from the early 1980s to nowadays.
In 1988, Costes met American singer and writer Lisa Carver, and together the first real performances took shape: violent, disturbing and funny at the same time.
His discography is surprisingly rich and outlandish, melding experimental, spoken word, electronics… It consists of more than seventy albums, some recorded in English, German or Japanese.
His shows (a very intense form of sung theater!) Have been performed all over Europe, but also in Japan and the United States.

Nurse Predator

Nurse Predator writes dark industrial dub with occasional ambient soundscapes- 82-94 was spent playing bass in punk, goth and aggressive dance music bands.
In 94 I began composing alone and from 98-2006 I was the composer for Ludus contemporary Dance writing their touring shows.
Most Nurse Predator originates from the bass guitar and is influenced by punk rock,dub reggae and early electronic music namely Tangerine Dream.


EISENLAGER Founded in 2000, is an animal that is friendly and unfriendly.
Always experimenting and using everything it finds : youtube sounds, outside sounds, home sounds, homemade sounds, noise, industry, stories and madness and always ambient. 
EISENLAGER is norbert kutz.
My roots lie in germany and the german experimental electronic music that started in the fifties.

Philippe Simon

I met Philippe Simon 30 years ago at his gallery in Bordeaux (France).
He is painter,  musician and photographer, a total artist.
P. Simon is passionate about sound and acoustics, he even builds his own speakers.
Philippe Simon was born in 1936 and plays synthesizer every day. Nowadays, he composed more than 200 albums…
So, we will release some of them on Kalamine Records in tribute to a man for whom I have a lot of respect and sympathy.
Given the impressive number of songs composed by Philippe Simon, we have preferred to create a sub division of Kalamine Records to highlight the fantastic work of this artist.


Vssp is a french electronic musician based in Bordeaux, he mainly produces experimental electronic music, such as drone, ambient, IDM, etc. He builds and sculpts his music with a will to open up spaces of freedom, sensibility, and humanism, through some momentary distortions, loudness and/or darkness, as a sort of representativity of the inherent complexity and hardness of life. He works on hardware machines such as analogic and numeric synthesizers, samplers, effects. His recording process is live and direct, most of his tracks don’t benefit from any overdub and are the result of an instantaneous recording process. ” Playing electronic music is like breathing to me, it’s a way to express what’s deep in myself at the instant I’m doing it, whatever it is.
I hope you enjoy my work. “

Mora - Tau

MORA-TAU is the improvisational electronic artist Takenori IWASAKI from Utsunomiya.
Using analog and digital synthesizers he creates ambiental music inspired by FRIPP & ENO, TANGERINE DREAM, HARMONIA and others.

Miranda - Arens

Miranda Arens is an Electronic duo of sound art.
They both live in Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina).
They have recorded seventeen albums.

Aura en el espejo

Aura en el espejo is a platform for narration of sound poetry and music to read, a project that is my way of offering to music and literature all the emotions that it has given me during my life.
I am currently involved in the development of soundtracks for radio programs and always open to collaborations with various musicians to continue learning more about the working of the mechanisms of creation.

Lara Petersson

Moebius Void is the latest musical project of Lara Petersson (Barcelona, Spain) and focusses on instrumental ambient and avant-garde music with occasional veerings
towards minimalism and darker abstractions.
Having had a love of music from an early age (as well as a fascination for pushing buttons to see what happens),
Lara has been at different points in time some combination of electronic musician, music collector,
radio programme director, podcaster, English teacher, translator and producer.

Francesco Terrini

Francesco Terrini is an experimental music project created by Chester Masangya, the Philippines.
He is also a founding member of noise, industrial projects called Coalminer, Recovery Center, and his latest White Widow.
Francesco Terrini emerged from the basement sessions in his old apartment.
He put out three consequent recordings called Septic Perfume, Corroding Heaven, and Collapse World Animal October of 2019.
Since then, the project has been prolific in isolation.
He keeps a day job and would create music during the witching hours of the day.

Blank Vacuum

Blank Vacuum is an independent avant-garde noise project of Vincent Jose in the Philippines.
Blank Vacuum was born during isolation because of the Pandemic.
It is the artist’s own way of meditating to mix ideas of metal, drone, noise, ambient, and minimalism to offer a salad of euphoria, anxiety, horror, beauty, and elegance through the resonance of instruments inspired by life, death, and the universe.
Blank Vacuum uses guitar based tones and noises, field and machine recordings, synth and notes generated from electric keyboard console to create the abstract improvised sound unique to Blank Vacuum.

Tom Cadillac

I was born near London… suffered from ‘delayed language aquisition’ syndrome as a kid… an effect of abnormal brain that enhances keyboard playing.
Learnt classical piano ruthlessly. Was a student for many years… studying philosophy and altered states… joined CND. Bombs! Ouch!
Fled the UK.
Worked at writing poetry…
They neglected to pay me!
Took up music again and got to play with lots of cool electronic devises.
Currently practicing to play music for improv dancers.


Fernando Cerqueira is the founder member of Thisco record label and publisher of Antibothis anthologies – was the founder member of the late 80’s SPH tape / record label.
The music of  WHΛLT THISИEY is a solitary soundtrack to nowhere, a non-tourist map into the unknown; music and images to create new, fully immersive environments, an intriguing aural pilgrimage with no destination in time and space, nuances and labyrinths.
He recorded several tracks with Jarboe, Von Magnet, Emil Beaulieau, Merzbow, Smell&Quim, Wild shores, Antonym, Shhh, Amantra, Harsh Noise Movement, lolipoop, among others.


Äärvö is an intercultural and hybrid noise/drone/ambient project hosted in France, inspired by
wilderness and it’s glory, old memories, angst and the slow rumbling of decay.
Äärvö plays and improvise on live : Bleeding loops – Noise fueled chants – Analog screechings.


In 2013, gildas brugaro began to only mix his own tracks under the name SRVTR (servator) to keep on the observatör work.
His palette goes to ambient/noise & industrial downbeat to a dark techno.
Many aka or collaborations (the messenger, bunker palace, dark engineer…)

Peter Wullen

Peter Wullen is a poet and a writer.
He publishes articles about fringe music and culture in national and international magazines.
Poems were published in several litmags.
He also works in the medium of video & audiopoetry.

Una Lee

Una Lee is a Korean sound artist, always in pursuit of found sound.
She works mainly with manipulated found sound materials, combining with improvised music, sound poetry and written instrumental music to create unique soundscapes.

Fumetti Per Adulti

Fumetti Per Adulti is the ambient experimental Novelletto’s project (FERRA-RETO/Horror Italiani).
Based on his compulsive love for erotic and horror comic books from Italy, horror synth music from the 80’s and conservatory experience playing violin, cello and piano.
Add this to almost 20 years dedicated to Black “ambient” metal and his newly Harsh Noise Wall experiments,.
The result of it is passed on tons of effect pedals, EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb, Wampler Reflection Reverb, voicoders, tremolos, 1970s modular synths on an analog Tree Audio Roots Gen II , eight-channel valve and hybrid recording console inherited from his grandfather, an acclaimed italian producer of the Tropicalia Movement in Brasil.

777 Negative 111

I  initially started making music under the alias Konran (japenese for confusion), inspired by artists such as Ben Frost William Basinski and AKIRA YAMAOKA. With no previous big background music besides lead singer on two garage bands, this was a long and difficult journey. After long pauses and drug fueled trips, i came to the discovery of my “sweet spot”, which with full force and dedicated to work and complete my record. Form of expression, where raw emotions are transformed into drone and harsh noise sounds, reflect the state of mind, and constant struggle with clinical depression.”

Nass Zuruck

Brian Gonzalez guitar bass synth and vox 
Jobot: synth/drums  

Nass zuruck started as a stupid drunk idea and we made 3 songs in one day and boom the birth of Nass zuruck..
e come from punk back rounds so we decided to make this band more punk.


Dominic Razlaff (DR), born 1982, is a sound artist from Lower Saxony, Germany. 
Uses synthesizers, acoustic instruments (Ukulele & Cavaquinho ) field recordings, tape loops & granular synthesis to 
create melancholy ambient / drone soundscapes.

Sound_00 aka Toni Dimitrov

Toni Dimitrov is a multimedia artist, cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher, communicologist, and passionate mountain climber… but also sound designer, graphic designer, dj, organizer, label owner, based in Skopje, Macedonia.
When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from art and sound that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including radio, sound art and field recordings, curating a label and sound/art events.
His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. 
He curates the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings.


Over 20 years Craig Caudill has worn many hats.
A video installation artist in various galleries.
Published poet in journals in Austria and Canada.
Now recording Artist.
In his seventh year and will continue to do so.

Lithium & Tang is the first album this year for FM R IZ (Ephemeris)  the album explores dark hip hop with an oncoming build of inner turmoil, with haunting memories calling from far away.


Boban Ristevski

Few of the music projects of Boban Ristevski are concentrated and based on exploring mostly the ambient / drone and industrial / noise related kinds of music. With elements of minimalism / improvisation / abstraction…
The music is balanced between the more structured forms and the improvised approach to the music.
He’s also writing some kind of essays, and translating from english to macedonian.
So far – he has fully translated one book : in search of P.D Ouspensky ( the genius in the shadow of Gurdjieff ) from the contemporary american esoteric author Gary Lachman.
It’s waiting to be published.

Anastasia Vronski

I am a musician originating from Perm, Russia. I started out making noise pieces in 2010.
My first album was called “The Spell”.
After this I released noise albums on different netlabels .
I also love collaborations and have done a few along the way.
I started making music in other genres too such as ambient, drones , musique concrete , beats, dub, metal etc.
Today I would say that I make any type of music I want, although I believe that some noise element is always present in some form.

Federico Balducci

The music of Puerto Rican guitarist and composer Federico Balducci can be described as a mixture of classical and ambient music with unusually intricate harmonies.

Federico Balducci has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Scoring from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.
Currently, Federico works on film score for short films and documentaries.

Venus Berry

Anouk Allard alias Venus Berry is a visual artist, musician and composer living in Bordeaux. She has been composing since 2014, and made her first noise music concerts in 2016.
Eclectic and mysterious, Venus Berry switches to lo-fi style and crosses genres between synth punk, ambient, rock and electro.
Two musicians now join her on her project: Antoine Sapparrart on bass and Jules Méli on guitar.

The Owl

The Owl is the solo obsession of Paul from many extreme metal bands, ambient and noise projects over the last 25+ years. 
Be it minimal dark ambient, harsh noise, experimental, glitch, grindcore, doom, black metal, The Owl feels like the right name for any sound. The first release was October 2018, and since then there has been dozens of releases of various styles.
I make music primarily with bass, effects pedals, laptop, piano, vocals and found sounds. The manipulation of the sounds is what I find most interesting now. The fact that you can, for example, make an hour long varied album from just one second of sound is enthralling to me!
I like finding obscure, oddball loops and expanding on those themes.
There will be much more of that over the years.
I am a big fan of film soundtracks and their importance, so the visuals are now becoming a major part of things. Whatever style I do, I try to make sure there is something of a different spice in the sounds.”


These lenient electro-noise dioramas have been intended as a mutation of several unique narrative passages from a colossal Romanian novel Solenoid, by Mircea Cartarescu. The tracks demanded the excavation of a system of tunnels opened in the mind of UBURGRUND by decanting important shovels of nicotine, wine and phrasal phantasies of the writer at the root of the all-sense intercourse with different noise-triggering machines.
In many aspects, the misfortune of idiosyncrasy helped implicitly to converse the expression of the material by sheer hazard. UBURGRUND had to record from a close memory his reactions to some images imprinted on the brain by this ultimately all-consuming energy book. A great paying respect to Kalamine records for giving another life to Dionelos.
UBURGRUND is an incident contained within a starving mind. Occasionally the project passes on virtual reality and beyond recordings of alien or annoying sequenced noises which surprisingly become appealing to ear and smell in some capricious moments. Inspiration irreducibly comes from surroundings, connections, literature and reshapes trans-melodically into a brutish harshly-emotional commentary upon them. We use what comes at hand and spirit, analogue gear field-rural recordings, besides full glasses, books or hooks.