Sound_00 + Lefterna

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Sound_00 aka Toni Dimitrov

Toni Dimitrov is a multimedia artist, cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist,
philosopher, communicologist, and passionate mountain climber… but also sound designer, graphic designer, dj,
organizer, label owner, based in Skopje, Macedonia. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects
that keeps him busy, from art and sound that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other
projects including radio, sound art and field recordings, curating a label and sound/art events.
His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse.
He curates the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings.

Lefterna aka Boban Ristevski

Few of the music projects of Boban Ristevski are concentrated and based on exploring mostly the ambient / drone and industrial / noise related kinds of music. With elements of minimalism / improvisation / abstraction…
The music is balanced between the more structured forms and the improvised approach to the music.
He’s also writing some kind of essays, and translating from english to macedonian.
So far – he has fully translated one book : in search of P.D Ouspensky ( the genius in the shadow of Gurdjieff ) from the contemporary american esoteric author Gary Lachman.
It’s waiting to be published.