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Mora Tau – The light of the Winter   The calm demeanor of minimalistic music can evoke all sorts of human emotions. The vast listening experience is like an endless field of dreams and nightmares, all rolled up in one, and depending on your psychological state, it could allow for one of the best experiences ever. This is especially true when we realize that the ambient music that is providing this backdrop, is heavily influenced by spacey elements of 70’s progressive synth music – especially the monumental sounds of Tangerine Dream and the  [ continue reading…]

tartarus timelogo Tartarus Times seeks to document the existence of certain music and write about what is actually salient in it without giving outright opinions as to its quality or worth. 

Lavatone – The Blue Boar – The album starts with “Monolith”, which begins with a very distorted bass note that thunders in with a low two note choir melody, and this is repeated four times until a metallic sounding drone comes in over the top. After four more repetitions, noise starts to snake through the mix. Then, a drum which sounds like it’s being beaten with a mallet thunders out over the mix repeatedly. A distorted instrument plays two notes in repetition. Reverb feedback echoes, overcoming most of the mix. Then, all drops out except for the low choir and a distant drum hit. A drum begins playing two beats in succession, then  [ continue reading…]

Whalthisney – Immediathism – WHΛLTHISИEY’s Immediathism starts with “Boredom”, as a reverb-laden minor-key melody interspersed with deep, but short bass notes plays with a lush pad that shimmers in and out slowly. The piano is not repetitious and there is some development, but the overall mood of the piece does not change too much, except when higher notes are played on the piano. About five minutes into “Boredom” the bass becomes a little more prominent, and develops slightly. The piano continues playing what sounds like an improvised part, playing notes that although not actually sparse do not fail to [continue reading…] 

Tom Cadillac – Jaw of the Mouth – “Unequal house” begins this release. Low fidelity, out of sync distorted synths play, as if competing for space. One of them starts playing higher notes, and the other follows. The melodies become more complex, as they rise above the surface and then rest for a bit, the droning din of the lower synths playing all the while. The synths play constantly, but with a broken sense of time, although the melodic sensibility is intact. The melodies are a simple scale, and as the notes play not-quite-randomly, they give the impression that their pitches belong in a very simple sense, but the halting sense of time makes itself known too.
“Red sun flower” plays with a different patch, and [continue reading…]

anti music review covrANTI MUSIC FOR ANTI FASCISTS Collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music explorations; reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation.

Sous-Sol2 – [SRVTR & Khaoman] – Textures exhume ambiance echoing through this experimental junkyard; through this cinematic dream. Muddy landscapes and explosive industrial material encase a dreadful environment. Power here emits a special glow [ continue reading… ]

Zumaia – Cerka – 8 tracks billowing through industrial clatter and fervent energy seizing you in a territory of existential dread. Starting things off with gorgeously dissonant sound designs [ continue reading… ]

Autito, el niño autista – Farewell – Strangely resembles alien-communication. Dissonant sounds and textures of high-pitched electronic dots swarm us. Throughout each 25-minute song on this two-track release, you can’t help but feel like you’re existing in some foreign remote country  [ continue reading… ]

Lavatone – The Blue Boar – A harrowing musical piece offering no ends for destruction. Blue Boar is a finite representation of the strength and tenacity sounds augment. Released on October 27, 2019 through Kalamine Records Lavatone did an incredible job unifying and  [ continue reading… ]

albert E.Trapezoid blog picture I am Albert E. Trapezoid. I can never get enough music, and I like to share the good stuff I find.
There’s all kinds of interesting people out there making all kinds of interesting noise, so let’s enjoy it together.
I like all kinds of music, but on this site I tend to lean a bit toward the more obscure or offbeat side of things.
I hope you’ll explore around.

INTENT 2020 / Vapor State by Various Artists – Oh I do love a good compilation. This “Vapor State” collection is the third in the INTENT 2020 series released by Kalamine Records (following, logically, “Solid State” and “Liquid State”) and is chock full of great music and interesting non-music rabbit holes you can chase down as the mood strikes. Plus, it’s the unusual music compilation that includes a short story  [ continue reading… ]

The Blue Boar by Lavatone – I was thoroughly enjoying the first couple songs on “The Blue Boar” by Lavatone; an album with four long-form pieces on Kalamine Records. “Monolith” and the title track are a great mix of ominous drones and tones with interesting dark noises dipping in and out – buzzing, machine rhythms, radio interference, and maybe even an airplane and some fuzzed guitar  [ continue reading… ]  

Inside/Beside V – I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again in the future: I love a good compilation. This recent one from Kalamine Records almost feels like it was made specifically for me; it’s full of covers of  songs from bands I love, including Joy Division, Einstürzende Neubauten, Fad Gadget, Kraftwerk, The Normal, The Residents, and, well, post-punk icon (?) Frédéric Chopin.
Aside from the excellent choices of sources material, this is a great listen. As you might expect, some of the covers hew closely to the originals, and some go in complete different directions. Here’s a sample of some of my favorites [ continue reading… ]


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Zakary Tuktarov – Primitives  Zakary Tuktarov makes music under a few monikers. His output includes gentle folk, soul-tearing acoustic punk and collaborations with avant-garde jazz musicians. However, his latest album “Primitives” came out on French label Kalamine Records under his own name. It’s a fascinating journey in search of your inner primeval man recorded in a secluded country house surrounded by Russian nature. We asked Zakary to tell us about  [ continue reading…]

rudy carrera pictureA Miscellany of Tasteful Music/Art/Film/Litis a blog-zine dedicated to reviewing old and new artistic material from a non political point of view.
My art and music tastes hover from Baroque to Avant-Garde/Experimental.  If you consider yourself as open-minded as you think you are, consider that people of a different political, moral and ethical persuasion might just be into the same music, film, literature and art that you’re into, and might teach you a thing or two about it .
Rudy Carrera.

Inside/Beside I – V/A Compilation – Kalamine Records is an experimental music label out of Bordeaux, France. They have a very impressive roster of composers and groups who have a amazing command of studio techniques, making filmic, creepy compositions. This is essential headphone listening  [ continue reading… ]

DR – Tea Sessions – Much respect to Dominic Razlaff for this album of four sessions which drift off gently into the sea, rather than in space. I’m not quite sure why, but while relaxing and listening to the album, I feel a sense of calm that I felt in places like the Black Sea, where I’m headed to in a couple of weeks [ continue reading… ] 

Philippe Simon – Android  – This is something of a revelation to me.  Until the good folks at Kalamine Records (run by Zumaia) told me about him, he was off my radar.  This I count as a loss, because Philippe Simon brings a vibrant, updated sound to the Berlin School of electronic music which [ continue reading…]

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Reviews are by Choppy Noodles and Psymon Marshall. 

Philippe Simon – RIL – Here’s the question of the day: what happens when an 83 year-old painter, musician, and photographer gets hold of a Korg M50 and a Nord Lead? The answer is that you get Philippe Simon, and on this showing he very much comes from the Berlin School of electronic music [ continue reading… ]

Eisenlager -Schattenwölfe und Kraken – If there’s anything I’ve learned with regards to Kalamine Records it’s to expect the unexpected, and this new one from Eisenlager was something I definitely wasn’t expecting. This drags us along into the territory marked on the map as experimental electro-acoustic, with side trips to ambient and noise, utilising all manner of artefacts and artifices to create truly weird and wonderful audio landscapes  [ continue reading… ]

Inside/Beside III – V/A Compilation – I mentioned in my review of DR’s Tea Sessions album recently just how impressed I was by France’s Kalamine Records’ output, and this compilation has done nothing to diminish my opinion. This is the third in the Inside/Beside series, and if this is the measure of the quality on the previous two entries then I am just going to have to gird my loins and investigate them too  [ continue reading… ]

Boban Ristevski – Zumaia – 00:52:22 – If desolation could be encapsulated in sound, then it would probably be this collaborative album from Macedonian Boba Ristevski and Zumaia from France, released a few days ago. Consisting of a single track cleverly titled after its running length, this begins with a blast of fetid winds blowing across an arid industrial landscape, buildings standing empty and ruinous, debris littering the concrete standings  [ continue reading… ]

DR – Tea Sessions  – Each of the track titles is a variety of tea, and I am going to hypothesise that each piece encapsulates the qualities of these varieties possesses. On the face of it, that may seem an absurd proposition, but judging solely from the music on here I would say that the idea is pretty damn close. And, on another note, so far I’ve been mightily impressed by netlabel Kalamine Records’ catalogue of releases  [ continue reading… ]

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Kalamine Records – V.A. on Kalamine Records, where Uruly is with another him “slow” tracks. The theme here is the own nature and how we need to value it. You will listen here many Noises and Ambient songs made with [continue reading…]

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