P. Donohue

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P. Donohue is a musician and video maker from Australia.
A young multi-disciplinary artist buiding industrial landscape.
He has two cats and a dog and is making industrial videos for other artists.

Hits of the wasteland

A bleak outing into the wasteland of the first world.
A soundtrack for riding on public transport or collecting groceries from your local supermarket. Witness the appathy riddled souls that pass you and look through you.
Recorded over a fortnight in a pessimistic frame of mind. There are no glimmers of hope shining through the spacious splatters of dread.

The normalisation of taboo through pornography

A brief EP scraping to make sense of the rise and rise of the ethically devoid world of taboo based porn.
What strange times to be in.
Is this twisted branch of pornography harmfu l?
What does this say about where we are heading as a society ?
What is it doing in relation to the sexual development of an individual ?
Food for thought anyhow.