The Owl - Hibernation

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Letting go
of everything you know
is the first step
to finding everything
you need to know.

The Owl is the solo obsession of Paul from many extreme metal bands, ambient and noise projects over the last 25+ years. 
Be it minimal dark ambient, harsh noise, experimental, glitch, grindcore, doom, black metal, The Owl feels like the right name for any sound. The first release was October 2018, and since then there has been dozens of releases of various styles.
I make music primarily with bass, effects pedals, laptop, piano, vocals and found sounds. The manipulation of the sounds is what I find most interesting now. The fact that you can, for example, make an hour long varied album from just one second of sound is enthralling to me!
I like finding obscure, oddball loops and expanding on those themes.
There will be much more of that over the years.
I am a big fan of film soundtracks and their importance, so the visuals are now becoming a major part of things. Whatever style I do, I try to make sure there is something of a different spice in the sounds.”