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Emilio Bernè, listener and drummer based in Italy, his approach is oriented on the idea of glitch through the use of amplified strings and objects on the electro acoustic drum set combined with no input mixer.
Independent producer, he has performed in Europe and USA with the canadian artist Jean Francois Laporte, Evil Moisture, Utku Tavil, Arma Agharta, Mario Gabola.
Emilio has been carrying out his solo project NOIOSE since 2017, the duo BURST with Tom de Testa and the duo OZON ZOON with Colin Petit. He played in Festival such as Fragment Gratz, Hangar Barcelona, Le 102 Grenoble, Mozg Festival PL, Diametrale Film Festival, Garso Festivalis, WIM Zurich, NNOI Festival, Multiversal Berlin.

Noiose - valuable sick/solo set

A small fault in the operation of something, this album has origins in the glitch and post- digital aesthetic, the reduced work to desiccation of sound and concrete inaction.
The absence of drum codes, the elusive tricks by short lived duration sounds like a surrogate of an electrical phenomenon.
Sometimes it results in horrible noise, sometimes in the post ecstasy which it dubs playing failure more carefully