Merle Bardenoir

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Merle Bardenoir is a French singer-songwriter, artist and poet whose universe is imbued with symbolism and fantasy.
His music ranges from psychedelic synthpop to electrofolk.
Glamourie is the ambient project of the French musician. This one updates the meaning of this archaic word for ‘enchantment’ through an electroacoustic dive into otherworldly soundscapes. Navigating between postminimalism, ancient music and psychedelic folk, the one-man band uses tonal scales, rich textures and haunting patterns to evoke fantastical themes.

Glamourie - Lady from the Outside

Glamourie – Lady from the Outside.
” Otherworldly music for futuristic Middle Ages.”

Merle Bardenoir - Floril​è​ge

Florilège is an album/anthology of tracks chosen by Merle Bardenoir. ” Practicing music for over twenty years, my favorite instruments are the synthesizer and the hammered dulcimer.”

Glamourie - Imaginal Stage

The title of this electroacoustic work refers to the imago, last stage of a metamorphic insect. Here, fairy-like atmospheres emerge from their sonic chrysalides through hypnotic loops and progressive layers.