Jean-Louis Costes - The v​[​o​]​ice behind the v​[​o​]​ice

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Jean-Louis Costes - La gaule du matin

Song recorded in 1997.
Lyrics and music by Jean-Louis Costes From the album “UN SPARADRAP SUR L’ANUS”.

Jean-Louis Costes is a French noise musician, performance artist and film actor.
Costes is considered as one of the first punk-DIY French artists, self-releasing dozens of tapes and CDs from the early 1980s to nowadays.
In 1988, Costes met American singer and writer Lisa Carver, and together the first real performances took shape: violent, disturbing and funny at the same time.
His discography is surprisingly rich and outlandish, melding experimental, spoken word, electronics… It consists of more than seventy albums, some recorded in English, German or Japanese.
His shows (a very intense form of sung theater!) have been performed all over Europe, but also in Japan and the United States.