Fumetti Per Adulti - La sella della bici

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Fumetti Per Adulti is the ambient experimental Novelletto’s project (FERRA-RETO/Horror Italiani).
Based on his compulsive love for erotic and horror comic books from Italy, horror synth music from the 80’s and conservatory experience playing violin, cello and piano.
Add this to almost 20 years dedicated to Black “ambient” metal and his newly Harsh Noise Wall experiments,.
The result of it is passed on tons of effect pedals, EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb, Wampler Reflection Reverb, voicoders, tremolos, 1970s modular synths on an analog Tree Audio Roots Gen II , eight-channel valve and hybrid recording console inherited from his grandfather, an acclaimed italian producer of the Tropicalia Movement in Brasil.