Daría Galabriel

Déborah Sierra is an artist and musician, living and working between France and Mexico.
Born in Nice, surrounded by the Mediterranean, she first studied philosophy at Sophia Antipolis University. Then, she joined the banks of the Garonne and obtained a DNSEP with congratulations from the jury at EBABX (Ecole des beaux-arts de Bordeaux).
At the same time, she trained in Chinese energy care, more specifically in acupressure.
Now based in the heart of Mexico City, Déborah develops a plural artistic expression, deeply rooted in the horizons she crosses, those she lives and walks, but also those she dreams of.

The multitude of forms she deployes share the same catalyst: the bodily and spiritual experience of territorial, sound and sentimental landscapes. Under the alias Daría Galabriel, she composes suspended sound layers. This identity is thought of as an avatar in its own right, a vessel bringing together the emotional being and the natural world.
Drawing inspiration from poetryambient music or folk tradition, her compositions are intrinsically linked to the desire for resilience (Text by Samuel Biteau).

Huxi is the result of a new harmonic research, formed with a more meditative atmosphere, summoned in particular by the use of the church organ. 

Hūxī means breathe in Chinese.
It’s an important concept in this traditional medicine field, that is close to Qi.

The EP was highly inspired by both the blow and the architecture in which it is contained – the way an organ blows through a wind tunnel and a body through its lungs.
It’s a place where everything is fixed: the time, the arc and its arrow.
It’s a moment of meditation, of introspection, where action is no longer relevant.

Natural phenomena are the mirrors of the human psyche.
Every meteorological phenomenon look likes an inner psychic one.
The Earth, what surrounds us is like an extension of skin.
The Sky, the ether, like an extension of the spirit.

This is how Corps-Unique label and this EP are thought, like a kind of bodyscape.

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