Computers Are Cops

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Computers Are Cops were an improvisational performance duo from Houston Tx, consisting of T. Naaman and Josh Perez.
Some of their house shows have been recorded. Their influences include Clarice Lispector, Francisco Goya, Albert Ayler, and Bruno Schulz.
CAC would like to thank Zumaia of Kalamine Records for welcoming us into this community. 

“I went to one of their True Houston Outsider Art house shows.
They barricaded the audience inside a house while they played on the front lawn.
It was kind of messed up.”

Swan Von Rayne

” They played in a pitch black hallway. When the lights came on, I was the only one there, besides all these cats and dogs.
They surrounded me.
Stay away.”
Uni Von Rayne

” I frequent lots of experimental shows at galleries in Houston-was hoping for some chill ambient guitar or something. It was just a live feed of them – eating fried chicken inside the Rothko Chapel.
They are super shady.”
Eon Von Rayne