Linn Friberg

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linn friberg photoI am the curator/producer of two different compilation series on Kalamine RecordsINTENT and PARADIGM – and a frequent contributor to the projects ran by Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace).
Creating electronic music since 2005 under different aliases, currently living in Norrköping, Sweden.

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The INTENT  compilation series is (aiming to be) a long-running series inspiring and motivating electronic and experimental music artists around the world to participate in the creation of their own reality through setting intentions for the coming year

Unlike the INTENT series, PARADIGM is heading towards the stepping stones within the journey instead of perfection far away on the horizon, enjoying the ride without focusing too much on the destination.
The series consists of short EPs primarily featuring Linn and her friends/collaborators.

Other Projects

This album by Oriondrive aims to “let the intentions out”, fulfilling the desire to share the goals, but simultaneously hiding them behind the CRC-32 hashes, which cannot be decrypted. 

” A short EP dedicated to the birthday of Zumaia, who turned 50 this year. “
Linn Friberg

This 30-minute track aids problem-solving in stressful situations using isochronic tones (alpha and theta range), softly alleviating anxiety and focusing the user on the task.
The track is also suitable for use in group meditations and Reiki healing sessions.
Soft Focus” was successfully utilized as background music during the Healing Synergy workshop with Magdalena Ekenberg on November 15th, 2019.