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linn friberg photoI am the curator/producer of two different compilation series on Kalamine RecordsINTENT and PARADIGM – and a frequent contributor to the projects ran by Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace).
Creating electronic music since 2005 under different aliases, currently living in Norrköping, Sweden.

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The INTENT  compilation series is (aiming to be) a long-running series inspiring and motivating electronic and experimental music artists around the world to participate in the creation of their own reality through setting intentions for the coming year

Unlike the INTENT series, PARADIGM is heading towards the stepping stones within the journey instead of perfection far away on the horizon, enjoying the ride without focusing too much on the destination.
The series consists of short EPs primarily featuring Linn and her friends/collaborators.

Other Projects

” A short EP dedicated to the birthday of Zumaia, who turned 50 this year. “
Linn Friberg



Blurring the line between fiction and reality can be done for many purposes, starting with “having fun” and going all the way to “survival”. If you want power, at some point you will have to spread fictions. If you want to know the truth about the world, at some point you will have to renounce power. As a species, humans prefer power to truth. We spend far more time and effort on trying to control the world than on trying to understand it – and even when we try to understand it, we usually do so in the hope that understanding the world will make it easier to control it. Therefore, if you dream of a society in which truth reigns supreme and myths are ignored, you have little to expect from Homo sapiens. Better try your luck with chimps. (Yuval Noah Harari)
The download includes 38 royalty free samples by Nimbostrata.

The Itinerant is a serialized audio drama telling the story of a fugitive high priestess from a distant planet in a neighboring galaxy. After she was murdered by her enemies, the echoes of her consciousness were scattered across time and space by an unknown force, materializing as different people living within different time periods on Earth; these people disappear under mysterious circumstances connected to sudden and unexplainable changes in weather. “Genesis” is the first episode of the series, telling the story of an ordinary young mother in the 21st century, whose child disappears without a trace.
Ann Or Lunda is a collaborative project featuring the artists behind The Order of Scythe & Vine a.k.a. Hidden Glow/Jericho Trumpet, and, occasionally, other contributors.
Ann Or Lunda is subtly connected to The Itinerant; the band is frequently referenced within the series, and the lyrics within the songs by Ann Or Lunda are expressing the shadow, unconscious side of storytelling.

This album contains the earliest material by Nimbostrata, initially conceived as a post-metal music project during July 2019.
Almost immediately Linn Friberg started feeling constrained by the limits of the genre, and Nimbostrata ventured gradually into the territory of electronica through experimental and electroacoustic music.
During December 2019, through collaborations with Manora Nyström and Aleksandra Chaladus, the project has finally found its identity and purpose: communicating from the socially responsible perspective, documenting the journey so far, setting intentions through creativity, and broadening the horizons through collaboration with different professionals within the field of personal development.
Polarities“, initially an unconscious manifestation of the artist’s inner process, became re(de)fined through collaboration with Helen Larsson, a yoga teacher, mentor, creative guide, and author of the book “Yoga med barn” (“Yoga with children”), who has been soul-searching for her entire adult life and practiced yoga, movement, and other healing modalities for more than 25 years.
The album documents various stages of very different processes, never linear but in resonance, through words, and through sound.

Endless streams, the rivers of time, the endless waves within the infinite ocean.
No ends, no limits to the motion of their course. And, in the blink of an eye, the tides have changed themselves again through the power of the wind, the agent of change.
Not the only agent, of course, since all things which are born are growing, and all things which are grown have changed. All things which have changed become extinct, perish, and all the extinct things are renewed, brought into form once again, being born anew.
The earth remains the same, but with new light shining upon it, its vegetation stays the same, but all its plants bearing new life in them. On the path of change, sometimes, you fail to see and grasp your destination, and then, all at once, it is being revealed to you, appearing clearly on the horizon.
You always find it in the same way your destination finds its direction within the river of time, carried downstream from the place where it was carried before, long ago.
You might feel like you have little control over your circumstances, but once you perceive, once you comprehend the vastness of your reality tunnel, you no longer feel as if certain things were a runaway train.
No matter the circumstances, you are in the process of renewal, and you can do what is necessary for you to sustain your momentum.
And, you are never, ever lost alone.

This 30-minute track aids problem-solving in stressful situations using isochronic tones (alpha and theta range), softly alleviating anxiety and focusing the user on the task.
The track is also suitable for use in group meditations and Reiki healing sessions.
Soft Focus” was successfully utilized as background music during the Healing Synergy workshop with Magdalena Ekenberg on November 15th, 2019.

Magdalena‘s own words about this music (in Swedish):
Mer än bara bakgrundsmusik, den var stödjande, men inte störande. Mycket följsamt, passande för healing.”



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