Linn Friberg - Soft Focus

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linn friberg album cover

This 30-minute track aids problem-solving in stressful situations using isochronic tones (alpha and theta range), softly alleviating anxiety and focusing the user on the task. The track is also suitable for use in group meditations and Reiki healing sessions; “Soft Focus” was successfully utilized as background music during the Healing Synergy workshop with Magdalena Ekenberg on November 15th, 2019.

Magdalena’s own words about this music (in Swedish): “Mer än bara bakgrundsmusik, den var stödjande, men inte störande. Mycket följsamt, passande för healing.”

Released 17 November 2019

Linn Friberg creates electronic music since 2005.
Through the years she keeps reinventing herself, undergoing deep personal transformation, developing further, broadening the horizons.
Linn is studying towards BSc with a major in Statistics at Linköping University.
She has to stay motivated and focused, and one of the things she is doing in her sparse free time is running diverse projects aimed at setting goals and intentions through creativity.